Make your money work 24/7 with Bueno!
Easy set up - with any bank in any country
All funds are guaranteed and insured
Pricing? No! We are paying you!😎
A piggy bank that keeps on giving
Idle cash? No bueno.
Money working? Bueno!
After receiving funding 9 out of 10 startups outside of the US keep their funds in their checking accounts.
Meaning, cash sits idly and does nothing waiting to be spent. No bueno.
All top-tier companies use treasury-like financial instruments to keep their cash always working. Why can't you?
CFO, company treasurer, and a whole team of financial professionals make sure that available cash is safely invested into government bonds and money markets to outrun inflation and then convert cash to liquid cash for day-to-day operations. Cash is always working! That's bueno!
Returns aren't crazy, but there's no risk
You don't have to wait until you become a Fortune 500 company,
you can start acting like it today!
With or without Bueno you should start building your financial foundation today!
What can we do for you?
Get up to 1.79%* annually on your idle cash.
Earn up to 1.79%
Simplest and most understandable KYC and onboarding
Easy to setup
Set automatic withdrawals, transfers, benefits, etc.
Easy to manage
How it works
Before you do anything - research. Or let us explain in simple terms
Get all the details from our managers
Even if you're not going to use Bueno you'll still get a clear idea of financial opportunities you can leverage with or without us
We're not here to sell something you don't need - We won't make money unless you make money!
Your geography doesn't matter!
Estimate how you can maximize your resources
How much funds to allocate - You can even allocate your whole round
How much to withdraw every month - Your burn rate
How does that translate to money
You can connect your main bank account for withdrawals
Every month specified amount will automatically be transferred to your account (to any bank in any country)
You can withdraw any other amount upon request - cash will be in your account within 1-3 business days depending on the amount
Extend your runway risk and hassle free
Focus on growing your business while your money works 24/7
Earn compounded interest with Bueno while extending your runway
Why is it safe?
Your funds are invested in ultra-safe diversified portfolio - returns aren't crazy, but there's no risk
Managed by professionals
Your funds are invested in ultra-safe diversified portfolio - returns aren't crazy, but there's no risk.
Main criteria is that the allocation is highly liquid and low risk, so it can be quickly converted to cash upon request.
Funds are managed by several accredited funds and are interchanged depending on the size of the position.
Insure up to 100% of your funds
Insure up to 100%
You can insure up to 100% of your portfolio with our Insurance partners in Singapore or any Insurance company of your choosing
Insurance will be deducted from your returns - You don't have to pay upfront
Grow your business while Bueno grows your funds
How much can you make?
A piggy bank that keeps on giving
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