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What is Bueno?
A service that helps businesses manage credit terms with their B2B customers. We can provide data, money or both.
What data goes into Bueno's credit scoring?
Some of the sources include - ACRA, IRAS, Litigation and Court cases, Bankruptcy history, Collections history, Blacklists, Open profile information (Client's website, reviews, etc). However, we don't disclose all the information, in order to protect from manipulations and potential fraud.
Our company already offers net/credit terms to customers
That's awesome, you have to stay competitive! Can we add value by streamlining the process to help you make the decision automatically in seconds? (Get a sample of our credit check here)
We already have a factoring / invoice financing provider
Bueno's different - We don't need a 3 way agreement, your customers work with you directly.
If the customer defaults, we don't chase you.
We make the decision in under 60 seconds.
We can integrate into your online checkout, provide invoicing solution, integrate with XERO and Quickbooks, or work with an existing invoice.
And the rates? Let's chat, I'm sure we can make a better offer :)
What if clients don't pay on time?
You don't have to worry about that. Bueno transfers you all the money upfront, and we deal with the clients and collections, together with you, as we don't want to jeopardize your relationship.
How much does it cost to use Bueno?
First 5 revenue checks are free. We can offer couple of free Credit Checks as well. For larger volumes of checks and financing - it's case by case, as we're trying to fit your needs. Try for free and then let us know if you see the value :)
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