Offer credit line to
Get up to $50,000 as a sign up bonus for future orders
Directly from your website in 30 seconds. Built for B2B eCommerce.
you get paid on the same day
increase in sales conversion
0 days
Offer flexible financing terms to your B2B clients
increase in average order value
credit line for your B2B clients
60 days
Give another reason to become a repeat customer. Pro tip: Repeat customers get their credit line increased :)
Create a lasting business relationship
Store credit line isn't just a payment method, it's a relationship instrument
Streamline credit terms with powerful integrations
Your sales and finance should work in tandem!
What is Bueno?
Bueno is a platform that enables fast-growing businesses to offer a credit line to their B2B customers directly on their websites in under 30 seconds.
How does Bueno work?
Bueno integrates directly on your website;
As soon as a B2B customer opens your website they see Pop up that offers a 60 day interest free credit line;
Get a credit line approved in under 30 seconds (or declined);
Customer can checkout using the credit line;
We pay you upfront risk-free, your customer pays in 60 days.
How much does it cost to use Bueno?
We charge 2%-5% depending on the industry, total revenue and average order value. Meaning we pay you up to 98% upfront risk-free. We can also offer special terms and promos. Wanna talk?
Our company already offers net/credit terms to customers. Do we need Bueno?
That's awesome, you have to stay competitive! Can we add value by streamlining the process to help you make the decision automatically in seconds, and even pay you upfront risk-free?
What if clients don't pay on time?
You don't have to worry about that. Bueno transfers you all the money upfront, and we deal with the clients and collections, together with you, as we don't want to jeopardize your relationship.
Do you work with regular consumers?
No, we work only with Companies/B2B transactions.
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Boost your sales, while empowering your B2B clients
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