Offer 60day invoice in 30 seconds.
We pay you upfront, no risk to you.
Your client pays back in 60 days.
Offer terms directly on your website or with regular invoicing process.
No risk to you, we pay you upfront
Offer Net60 invoice online & offline
Integrate directly on your website
Instant decision in 30 sec
decision is instant and fully online
increase in sales conversion
30 sec
Offer flexible financing terms to your B2B clients
increase in average order value
credit line for your B2B clients
60 days
Give another reason to become a repeat customer. Pro tip: Repeat customers get their credit line increased :)
Create a lasting business relationship
Store credit line isn't just a payment method,
it's a relationship instrument
Streamline credit terms with powerful integrations
Your sales and finance should work in tandem!
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Make it easier for your clients to buy from you!
Boost your sales, while empowering your B2B clients
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